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I had been on Viagra 50MG for a long time and it worked great every time. Then my insurance would not cover part of the cost anymore and I had to switch to Cialis 10MG. I have taken it 3 times or so and it does not work for me very well at all. I have read that it might work better if I take it the day before sexual intercourse - should I try that? Also I read that sometimes it doesn't work the first few times you use it but it works after that - has anyone found that to be true? Should I ask my Doctor to give me a prescription for 20MG tablets?

What people need to realise is the likes of Pfizer spend millions of dollars developing drugs to help people. If it werent for their reasearch then we wouldnt have the drugs to begin with. They need to recover some of this money somehow, thus why they are more expensive than the generics, who just rip of their reasearch.

I have used ourginaricpharmacy for cheap alternative to brand viagra. These guys do a good job, never had any problems. Give them a look My husband has tried both, Generic and viagra Honestly he felt no difference. Later I read that both of them are made with the same license, but in different countries. Of course viagra from India will be twice as cheap despite the fact that it was sent from far away! Pheiser sells their product for a high price not because they want to. They do it because it convinces customers that their products are more safe! That's an outrageous lie! Sign-up now!

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